HOT TOPICS | thresholds

More to follow on this topic, but for now, the JRC have released (2013) a Report of the Endocrine Disrupters Expert Advisory Group on “Thresholds for Endocrine Disrupters and
Related Uncertainties”. Download the report here.

The report succinctly covers:

  • legislative background
  • relevance of principles of endocrinology to threshold considerations
  • low dose effects
  • non-monotonic dose responses (NMDRs)
  • limitations of experimental approaches, and solutions
  • critical windows of exposure
  • mixtures
  • overall uncertainties

Key references

Slob W., 1999. Thresholds in toxicology and risk assessment. Int. J. Toxicol., 18, 259-268
Slob W., 2007. What is a Practical Threshold?, Toxicol Pathol., 35: 848


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