About the MixTox TRI project

The MixTox TRI (towards regulatory implementation) project is based at Brunel University and is funded by a grant from the Oak Foundation to Professor Andreas Kortenkamp.

The project is carried out by Dr. Olwenn Martin and Dr. Richard Evans, both at the Institute for the Environment, Brunel University; and Dr. Michael Faust, Faust and Backhaus Consulting, Germany.

The project’s main concern is the consideration of obstacles to the routine use of mixture toxicology in chemical risk assessment, especially whether the presence of regulatory ‘silos’ (specific pieces of legislation that regulate a subset of chemicals in a particular way, e.g. plant protection products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics etc) hampers joint consideration of risk for chemicals from different ‘silos’.


The Kortenkamp group has made a number of contributions to the mixture toxicology field, including peer-reviewed publications and the following reports:

  • State of the art report on Mixture Toxicity, 2009, for DG Environment. Download the pdf here.
  • Investigation of the state of the science on combined actions of chemicals in food through dissimilar modes of action and proposal for science-based approach for performing related cumulative risk assessment, 2012, for EFSA. Download the pdf here.
  • Risk of Combination Effects Between Decabromodiphenyl Ether and Other Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers, 2013, for Norwegian Environment Agency. Download the pdf here.



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