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HOT TOPICS | thresholds

More to follow on this topic, but for now, the JRC have released (2013) a Report of the Endocrine Disrupters Expert Advisory Group on “Thresholds for Endocrine Disrupters and
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HOT TOPICS | uncertainty

More will follow on this topic shortly, but for now the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA) has produced an interesting report on the uncertainties in the environmental risk assessment of endocrine active substances, or endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs).

HOT TOPICS | Low dose effects and endocrine disrupters

Toxicology and the evaluation of the safety of chemicals rest on the principle of Paracelsus. This Swiss alchemist, astrologer and doctor enunciated in the XVIth century that « everything is a poison, nothing is without poison, what makes the poison is the dose». From the point of view of regulatory toxicology, this is interpreted as meaning that it is theoretically possible to determine a threshold dose below which there would be no harmful effects.

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