The CREST database provides chemically-oriented information on Chemical attributes, Regulatory approaches and Experimental STudies from a mixture toxicology perspective. CREST was first released to public access in May 2015 and is available here.

  •  CREST includes a unique dataset of over 450 experimental mixture studies, manually curated from the literature (PubMed) and indexed by chemical (mapped to the IUPAC Standard InChI). Users can browse studies, with links to full article texts when possible, and identify which studies have included which chemicals, and vice versa.
  • CREST Release 1 (released 1st May 2015) contains 13 further datasets which have also been mapped to the Standard InChI and which are fully integrated into the CREST database. These datasets are of different types ranging from toxicology information (e.g. US EPA ToxRef data), regulatory classifications and exposure information (e.g. US NHANES); currently the included datasets are illustrative and more will be added in the next release of CREST.
  • Data in the CREST database can be exported for further analysis (tab-delimited text file format), and users can link into the database through a consistent interface.

Future CREST releases will:

  • include tools to help with preparing a low-tier mixture risk assessment (MRA), including scoping, and collection of hazard and classification data. Where possible data will be incorporated into the database, otherwise links will be provided to assist the user in data collection/compilation.
  • include a compendium of data sources for exposure information. Any approach to MRA requires an exposure scenario, and CREST will assist in preparing a relevant exposure scenario, depending on the exact needs of the user.


CREST is being actively developed. Feedback from users is very welcome, please contact the  project team.



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