PUBLICATION | Martin et al. 2013 Urban Myths

A recent paper by Dr Martin (Martin, Scholze and Kortenkamp 2013) addressed the background and use of default uncertainty factors in chemical risk assessment. Mixture Toxicology often identifies issues in single chemical risk assessment that become especially problematic when mixture effects are considered.

INTRO | MixTox: towards regulatory implementation (TRI)

This blog accompanies a project at Brunel University that is working on how mixture toxicology concepts, theory and experimental results should be translated into routine use in chemical regulation. The project is funded by a grant from the Oak Foundation to Professor Andreas Kortenkamp, at the Institute for the Environment, Brunel University.

The project will consider different options for regulation of chemical mixtures, identify barriers and obstacles to implementation, and also identify opportunities and solutions to the issue of how best to achieve protection of human and environmental health from the potential adverse effects of multiple chemicals.

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