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MEETING REPORT | TRI project at BTS2015

Last week, we presented work from the TRI project at the Annual Congress of the British Toxicology Society (BTS) in Solihull, UK. We presented a poster describing:

  1. the challenge of implementing mixture risk assessment (MRA) as part of routine chemical risk assessment
  2. the approach we are taking in reviewing the relevant legislation and literature, including the generation of a database, CREST, on which there will be more soon on this blog.
  3. the case studies we are developing to illustrate the problem and to identify pragmatic solutions to the issue.

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MEETING REPORT | Adverse Outcome Pathways, NC3Rs, June 2014

The NC3Rs recently arranged a fascinating meeting on the adverse outcome pathway (AOP) concept, and its position in the future of toxicology. AOPs are the subject of ongoing activity at OECD and potentially invaluable tools are becoming available, for example the OECD AOP Wiki (no public access at present) and the effectopedia.